About Sinetouch Supply Chain

About Sinetouch Supply Chain

     Shenzhen Sinetouch Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in e-commerce logistics. It is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, where is Chinese e-commerce’s center. The company is mainly engaged in China Railway Express, Road-rail combined transport, and the British Maritime Line. The company's team has been deeply involved in Europe for many years. We have professional customs experience and operational capabilities, and establishing cooperative relationships with customs clearance agencies and express companies in many countries.

     Sinetouch Supply Chain has established long-term cooperative relationships with many overseas warehouses in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, and Warsaw, Poland. We can provide overseas warehouse services such as labeling, one-drop shipping, and warehousing. We have customs clearance agents in Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Greece and other countries and we can provide customers with various types of customs clearance services.

      In 2021, Sinetouch Supply Chain opened branches in Dongguan and Wenzhou at the same time, and customers can deliver the goods to the nearest location. Since its establishment, we have been adhering to the service tenet of fast, safe, and win-win. Providing customers with logistics solutions from a full range of perspectives.



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